Today’s CEO

Today's CEO

A question that is very often asked in my sessions is …….

HOW HAS THE ROLE OF A CURRENT CEO CHANGED? Is the new CEO very different from earlier CEO?

It can safely be assumed that though the Job Description may not have changed over the period of time, the fast changing business landscape with focus on…….

GLOBALIZATION, DIGITIZATION, CONSUMERIZATION AND “ASPIRATIONIZATION” of Employees, the CEO has to strategize, adapt, switch, align, execute at a break neck speed. The pressure to deliver Profitability and Stakeholders return has only added to the CEO “WHO HAS TO DELIVER”.

The challenges which were regulatory in nature earlier probably still remain….with added focus on the Business Turnarounds. The Leadership Inventory is being tested and the Performance Parameters Matrix is becoming paramount .The Business Scorecard Pressure apart from creating Measurement and Instant Accountability has resulted in fast agility and response time…

What worked earlier may not work today….

Look around us and the companies that are leaders in this Business Game… TCS , Mahindra and Mahindra, Apple, Amazon,   HDFC , Dr Reddy’s Lab. Ultratech , Glenmark , Godrej , Flipkart , Samsung ,Microsoft, Google are rewriting case studies and the authors are the LEADERS OF THE NEW CORPORATE WORLD….headed by the NEW AGE CEO

The restlessness is apparent, both commendable and scary….As it creates like in cricket a 20-20 ENVIRONMENT – DELIEVER NOW ,HIT NOW AND WIN NOW. The CEO tenure also has shrunk on an average, making it a FAST ACTION MOVIE HERO, who has to fight all odds to win in the end..

The very fact that today the Corporate World has showcased the leaders who are redefining the CEO Role itself is a tribute to the Human Endeavour to LEARN, PERFORM AND TRANSFORM. We salute the spirit, we salute the passion, and we salute the LEADER.


The Magic Potion

The Magic Potion

“ The bad news is: there is no key to happiness. The good news is: it isn’t locked.”

 – Anonymous

A bunch of brightly colored balloons in the clear blue sky, a kid with a handful of candies, a grandfather holding his grandchild for the first time in arms. Moments like this kindle the purest form of the human emotion – happiness.

As experiences unfold in a person’s life, emotions become relative in their context. It lends a unique hue of meaning to each story. And “To each his own” is what the philosophy of life tells us too…

But in the living breathing story of life if we keep letting external circumstances influence our moods, we become their slaves. When we let our happiness be determined by outer forces, We lose our freedom.

Breaking away from these chains of outer confinement, when we do something we love to do, or when we win, gain, get, or achieve something that we value. It seems to be the outcome of positive events, but it actually comes from the inside. It is the unbeatable combo of passion and drive, only triggered by the external events that answers our hearts’ innermost calling.

It is after all just a matter of choice – it is your attitude that makes you feel happy or unhappy

So just follow your heart… because at the end it’s just about “YOU”


Brewing Success

Every individual dreams of achieving success. The purpose of living for each one of us is different, but to succeed in life is the main reason which stimulates us and keeps us going. In this hunt for success, the key question that the mind ponders upon is – how to accomplish this goal? What is the key to success?

Self Motivation

It is the dynamic force behind success and growth. A self motivated person can focus better and be more creative to accomplish his goals.

Motivation is a fire that comes from within which should be lit by oneself. You are the only one to push yourself to be successful.”

“Be a self beginner of your journey. Excellence will follow you.”

In our life span we come across situations which are real testing times. Very often we are so close to our target, wherein giving a touch more of attempt is all that is required.

“People will hate you, shake you, rate you and break you. But how strong you stand is what makes you.”

– Anonymous.

If you want to excel in your life, being strong and motivated is inevitable.

“It does not matter how many times you fail. Getting up each time and moving forward is what matters.” Self Motivation will surely enable us to make our life worth living.


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Life is simply what you want it to be…for some life is a journey…for some it’s a destination…and for some it’s an accomplishment…to me it is a GIFT…where I cultivate life into life everyday…every moment…

“Standing in a crowd is easy but it needs courage to stand alone…”

…to me life is that courage…to me life is a smile that you bring on a person’s face when you let his specially designed scooter overtake your 1086cc car…life is the happiness and gratitude towards life…life is to know the value of life…life is the story that you keep writing around experiences and people of diverse nature… life is the onus of responsibility for who you are and what you will be…Life is sometimes a OCEAN OF EMOTIONS and sometimes a TRICK OF LOGIC…

Life is a Benchmark of Irony…On one hand where it can be luxurious drive in a BMW…on the other for someone it is fighting for mere survival…to some life can be resigning themselves to fate…and to some life is charging against the problem with double passion everytime…to me life is a hamper jackpot filled with amazing learnings, people and tasks…

Life is not only limited to Winning the battles of life but to celebrate the victory…Life is not about spending time but living life…and living it with people who mean life to me…dreams that define life to me…deeds that polishes the quality of life for me…Life to some may be a turmoil with ups and downs…but to me it’s a sun that if sets today will inevitably rise tomorrow…

Life is never a Decision but a continued Problem Solving Game…In life you never have a wrong answer to the question but yet another solution to the problem…life is a collage of different experiences…

Life is the only test which whenever tested must result “POSITIVE” to me life is to be excited about life everyday…feel happy about life…and feel pride in the way I lead my life…with a pinch of learning lessons though…Perfection in everything is never the idea…it’s just about adding value to every day of my life…

To me life everyday must be;

Previous Day + 1(development) = Today

Life is to break the Stereotypes and explore life…Life is not always EXCELLENCE but always an engagement towards excellence…

One who Strives…is the one who Thrives…

To some Life is CHALTA HAI and to some is CHALNA HAI…it’s for you to decide to be a Receiver or Executor…Stranger to Life or Game Changer of Life…

Happy Living…!!!

Showcasing Imagination

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Every child likes drawing. They draw in their minds.

The human capacity for imagination not only shapes our minds but weaves the fabric of reality.

A design is that drawing, which describes the written world visually; it connects the concrete and the abstract. It fills the space between the heart and the mind and has the capacity to touch people’s lives in a way to create an everlasting impact.

Designing uses a variety of shapes like circles, squares triangles etc….

These shapes are symbolic and give a different meaning to the design. A Circle has no start or end. It represents group and unity. Squares mean equality, honesty and stability. Triangles mean action, tension and aggression.

For creating effective and impactful designs the blend of proper shapes and colors needs to be perfect. It creates mood and communication is enhanced in your design.

Designs communicate with you in terms of shapes and colors. Curved, edgy, rounded, soft and sharp are translated as emotions for the unconscious mind.

Colors, Shapes, Ideas, Fillings – a combination of many things create a design.

That design is you, your mind, and your conscience.

Seemingly fragile and frivolous imagination is minds tool to:

Depict Expression to Sustain the Intrinsic Goodness of Nature



It’s that time of the year again! Amidst the showers of rain the entire city is gearing up in a colorful collection of myriad hues and is swaying to the tune of Ganpati Bappa Morya! After waiting for a year, everyone is set to welcome Lord Ganesha in their homes and hearts!

India which believes in the culture of ‘Guest is God’ (Atithi Devo Bhava), God comes to us as Guest in Ganesh Chaturthi.

We Indians are endowed with a large number of festivals celebrated round the year cutting across our rich cultures and religions. But the true flavor of “Ganesh Chaturthi” is felt in Maharashtra.

10 days of festivity with the grandeur of colourful pandals, reverberations of dhol- tasha resonating in the environment and esence of ‘dhoop’ and sweet offerings of ‘modak’ and ‘khirapat’ marks the birth of ‘God of Wisdom’, prosperity and good fortune.

So, gear up people and bundle up your troubles… Get ready to join in-celebration, as we all embark upon The Festive Extravaganza!! … The Spiritual Carnival!

Here’s wishing all a very ‘Happy Ganesh Chaturthi’ & hope you enjoy this festival in a safe and organic way.


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Every time the tricolor flutters up in the air, it fills every Indian heart with a feeling of pride. We are not a perfect country, for that matter no nation is. But the journey of all of us together through striving and sacrifice dotted with great achievements and success stories binds a billion diverse people into a gorgeous fabric “INDIA” making it imperfectly perfect.

India is a nation with a plethora of languages and cultures. But we still reside in harmony within all the chaos. This is where the beauty of the country emanates from.

Today we face a surreal coincidence, where the calendar year of 2014 mirrors that of 1947. As a nation on the verge of completely new possibilities, once again we hold the key to redefine freedom and bestow it an entire new meaning.

Let us seize this opportunity to carve out a rejuvenated Indian identity within the people…

Let’s recreate the magic…

For we are the youth…

We are the catalysts of change…

We are the people power…THE GEN NEXT