Artificial Intelligence

Presence is the future; Humanity have touched the sky with the power of ladder called Technology (AI) . Not a single day goes on by without using technology in any aspects somehow,

Humans have developed the Artificial Intelligence, in the form of automatic machines that can work as well as human being. “The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”_ Edward teller

Is Artificial intelligence is an a rocket science? And difficult to understand? You might be surprised to find out that you’re already using it.

Start from a beautiful morning when automated Alarm clock wakes you up early in morning that is an AI..

When you call the bank and talk to an automated voice you are probably talking to an AI..

From iPhone Siri and Google talk, fundamental technologies such as behavioral algorithms, Google Automated car, Aviation, Finance, Writing, Computer Programming, dynamic emails and Artificial intelligence helps with earlier detection of skin cancer (and list still goes on)

Formal AI research started in the 1950s Adoption of the name “artificial intelligence” was encouraged by organizer John McCarthy.

Today’s era we are living somewhere we all are habitual towards Artificial Intelligence.

You don’t have a flying car, jetpack, or ray gun, but this is still the future.

But is there anything AI just can’t do? “When it comes to teaching kids, of course we have software and computer programs that can help kids learn, but (teaching) requires a certain amount of human empathy that computers won’t be able to replace.”  So teachers breathed a sigh of relief.  

However, has artificial intelligence changed the way we live completely for the better or is there a down side to having almost everything at our fingertips? What’s more – is it changing the way we live, think about and see the world?


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