S.M.A.R.T in Life


The best way to predict the future is to create it.

– Peter Drucker

Just look at where we are today. Powerful technology is changing our world. Today we complete a lot of work by using smart phones and computers. Scientists have created advanced technologies to make life smarter for humans. Technology has seeped into all aspects and its noteworthy impact can be seen in Education, Health care, Workplace, safety and security, and Transportation.

Technologies like Augmented Reality, 3D Projection Mapping, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Robotics have transformed our present and future.  With the help of all these technologies, some companies have moved towards smart and advanced work.

For example: Domino’s has launched the first commercial drone delivery service in the world.

Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot hardware in their car enhances its journey as it correctly follows the rules of the road by identifying road signs, traffic management systems and other vehicles.

Advanced 3D mapping technology has been used in launching the campaign of “Make In India.”

Some Advanced technologies like Natural language processing, voice recognition technologies, vision processing algorithms etc., all will be placed on micro chips and those systems will make intelligent decisions and manage all work for us.

Looking forward to enhance our mobility, the introduction of Hyperloop, could enable us to travel from one city to another in matter of minutes. Machines could start thinking like humans; Virtual reality could replace textbooks; 3D-printing could be used to construct houses; Self Driving vehicles could be everywhere.We’ve really welcomed technology into our lives.

Not only the smart phones but our homes would be Smart Homes, our city would be Smart cities  and vacations would turn into Space trips. Ultimately, artificial intelligence will control the human brain. During operations, surgeons would be able to see through anatomical structures such as blood vessels without cutting open organs by the use of Augmented reality. 3D printed organs will soon start replacing damaged organs in the human body.

These advanced technologies would make our life Simpler, Smarter, Better, Easier, more Active and Happier than before.

Surprising Marvels of Advanced Revolutionary Technology in Life are the reality of near future.



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