Kindling ideas

From social media to mobile applications, music to marketing, the world of young talents is building their business around the tiniest of ideas. These young entrepreneurs are moving today at a reckless speed to occupy every nook and corner of your household. From getting you a new house to washing your shoes, everything has been built up as a business idea.

It is the term “start-ups” which has been in limelight over the past few years to describe the young ventures that are spawning a new generation of companies, a trend that is notably boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

With e commerce blazing the trail for this new era of growth, it has become the lifeline of many businesses and it’s changing how businesses develop their global expansion plans. The technological innovations and the ease of information access in the e- commerce world has been the tools of the start-ups which is resulting in quick access to slogans like “Dil Ki Deal”, Bech de”, or “Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori”.

Eric Ries sums it up pretty well in his definition of a start up;

A start up is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.

And yes uncertainty it is!! Today enterprises thrive in the VUCA world in every aspect of its journey. And success is driven only by knowing how to lead, engage, develop, execute and innovate continuously. The goal of these start-ups in this contemporary world is to figure out the right thing to build (as quickly as possible) which customers want and are willing to pay for.


A start up is the roller coaster of the business habitat with tireless zeal being the essential unit of progress. From a creative insight, it is a human enterprise.