Today’s CEO

Today's CEO

A question that is very often asked in my sessions is …….

HOW HAS THE ROLE OF A CURRENT CEO CHANGED? Is the new CEO very different from earlier CEO?

It can safely be assumed that though the Job Description may not have changed over the period of time, the fast changing business landscape with focus on…….

GLOBALIZATION, DIGITIZATION, CONSUMERIZATION AND “ASPIRATIONIZATION” of Employees, the CEO has to strategize, adapt, switch, align, execute at a break neck speed. The pressure to deliver Profitability and Stakeholders return has only added to the CEO “WHO HAS TO DELIVER”.

The challenges which were regulatory in nature earlier probably still remain….with added focus on the Business Turnarounds. The Leadership Inventory is being tested and the Performance Parameters Matrix is becoming paramount .The Business Scorecard Pressure apart from creating Measurement and Instant Accountability has resulted in fast agility and response time…

What worked earlier may not work today….

Look around us and the companies that are leaders in this Business Game… TCS , Mahindra and Mahindra, Apple, Amazon,   HDFC , Dr Reddy’s Lab. Ultratech , Glenmark , Godrej , Flipkart , Samsung ,Microsoft, Google are rewriting case studies and the authors are the LEADERS OF THE NEW CORPORATE WORLD….headed by the NEW AGE CEO

The restlessness is apparent, both commendable and scary….As it creates like in cricket a 20-20 ENVIRONMENT – DELIEVER NOW ,HIT NOW AND WIN NOW. The CEO tenure also has shrunk on an average, making it a FAST ACTION MOVIE HERO, who has to fight all odds to win in the end..

The very fact that today the Corporate World has showcased the leaders who are redefining the CEO Role itself is a tribute to the Human Endeavour to LEARN, PERFORM AND TRANSFORM. We salute the spirit, we salute the passion, and we salute the LEADER.