Showcasing Imagination

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Every child likes drawing. They draw in their minds.

The human capacity for imagination not only shapes our minds but weaves the fabric of reality.

A design is that drawing, which describes the written world visually; it connects the concrete and the abstract. It fills the space between the heart and the mind and has the capacity to touch people’s lives in a way to create an everlasting impact.

Designing uses a variety of shapes like circles, squares triangles etc….

These shapes are symbolic and give a different meaning to the design. A Circle has no start or end. It represents group and unity. Squares mean equality, honesty and stability. Triangles mean action, tension and aggression.

For creating effective and impactful designs the blend of proper shapes and colors needs to be perfect. It creates mood and communication is enhanced in your design.

Designs communicate with you in terms of shapes and colors. Curved, edgy, rounded, soft and sharp are translated as emotions for the unconscious mind.

Colors, Shapes, Ideas, Fillings – a combination of many things create a design.

That design is you, your mind, and your conscience.

Seemingly fragile and frivolous imagination is minds tool to:

Depict Expression to Sustain the Intrinsic Goodness of Nature