It’s that time of the year again! Amidst the showers of rain the entire city is gearing up in a colorful collection of myriad hues and is swaying to the tune of Ganpati Bappa Morya! After waiting for a year, everyone is set to welcome Lord Ganesha in their homes and hearts!

India which believes in the culture of ‘Guest is God’ (Atithi Devo Bhava), God comes to us as Guest in Ganesh Chaturthi.

We Indians are endowed with a large number of festivals celebrated round the year cutting across our rich cultures and religions. But the true flavor of “Ganesh Chaturthi” is felt in Maharashtra.

10 days of festivity with the grandeur of colourful pandals, reverberations of dhol- tasha resonating in the environment and esence of ‘dhoop’ and sweet offerings of ‘modak’ and ‘khirapat’ marks the birth of ‘God of Wisdom’, prosperity and good fortune.

So, gear up people and bundle up your troubles… Get ready to join in-celebration, as we all embark upon The Festive Extravaganza!! … The Spiritual Carnival!

Here’s wishing all a very ‘Happy Ganesh Chaturthi’ & hope you enjoy this festival in a safe and organic way.



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Every time the tricolor flutters up in the air, it fills every Indian heart with a feeling of pride. We are not a perfect country, for that matter no nation is. But the journey of all of us together through striving and sacrifice dotted with great achievements and success stories binds a billion diverse people into a gorgeous fabric “INDIA” making it imperfectly perfect.

India is a nation with a plethora of languages and cultures. But we still reside in harmony within all the chaos. This is where the beauty of the country emanates from.

Today we face a surreal coincidence, where the calendar year of 2014 mirrors that of 1947. As a nation on the verge of completely new possibilities, once again we hold the key to redefine freedom and bestow it an entire new meaning.

Let us seize this opportunity to carve out a rejuvenated Indian identity within the people…

Let’s recreate the magic…

For we are the youth…

We are the catalysts of change…

We are the people power…THE GEN NEXT